Marquette AIM Program

Marquette AIM Program

The Marquette AIM program is designed to prepare students for a career in finance and other business fields. AIM applicants share a sincere desire to succeed in the field, have a proven academic record, and have a strong passion for the industry. Students applying for the program complete an application during the fall semester of their sophomore year, and the first AIM course takes place during their junior year. To learn more about the program and to apply, visit the AIM website.

Students can gain real estate experience through the program’s real estate concentration. The program also allows students to develop relationships with industry leaders. The real estate emphasis is unique among Catholic universities in the country, and students can develop a diverse network of business and industry contacts through the real estate focus. While the curriculum may be intense, it’s grounded in business principles and ethics and fosters an environment of engagement and learning. The real estate major at Marquette University will provide students with a valuable edge in the competitive field.

The Marquette Real Estate Gala is an annual fundraising event that benefits scholarships, mentorship opportunities, and other programs. Students and alumni of the school attend this event and show their appreciation to donors. Faculty are committed to the students and devote their time to helping them achieve their educational goals. A high school student’s AP or IB score of four or five is a prerequisite for applying to the Marquette Aim Program. However, IB and AP test scores may be used for placement or credit.

On March 28, 2019, the Marquette Aim Program held a symposium focusing on socially responsible investing. Finn, who serves as board chair of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, presented the history of socially responsible investing. Students, faculty, and investment professionals gathered at the event to share knowledge. A panel discussion followed that examined the challenges and strategies of socially responsible investing practitioners and advocates. A discussion about socially responsible investing was held after the event, and Finn also gave a guest lecture in Marquette’s Theology and Finance courses.

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